"Running Together for Change and Community Impact"

Dragos Avram

( Lid van team: Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam )


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"At Sofitel Legend The Grand, our hearts beat for meaningful endeavors. That's why we're lacing up our sneakers and joining forces with the Team Alzheimer Foundation. We believe that progress lies in unity, and together, we're stepping up for a cause that truly matters. By supporting research into all forms of dementia, we're aligning ourselves with the (UNSDG #3) - Good Health and Well-being. Every stride we take is a step towards brighter minds, healthier lives, and a future free from the shadows of Alzheimer's. Join us on this inspiring journey of hope and discovery. We're not only running for global change, but also striving to create a positive impact on our local community. In the Netherlands, where over 290,000 individuals live with dementia, our commitment grows stronger. Learn more about our partnership at https://teamalzheimer.nl/ and let's run toward a world of lasting change, together."

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